Please wait while the Forms Client Java class files download and run.
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Once you get the login prompt you will be required to enter your username, your password, and BRP in the database field.

****************** IMPORTANT *********************

So that this application can work properly using your browser, you may be asked to install a Java plug-in.  If you have privileges on your machine to load software then this install should be automatic.  This install will require you to respond to several prompts.  These are are documented in more detail in the install doc.   If the have problems installing the Java plug-in you can manually download and install the plug-in from here.  If you do not have privileges to install software on your machine you will need to get with your IT staff to get this component installed.  For a detailed list of instructions click here.


The Budget Request Application will start up another browser session. This session is an independent session and is only used to start the Budget Request Application. Do not close this session until you are done with the BR application.

Be sure to read the BR News frequently. This is our only method of quickly communicating important information to our users. To view the BR News press the NEWS button that is located towards the lower right side of the opening BR screen.